• What's your business vision?

    How do you identify opportunities for the future?

  • Your Four Pillars of Sustainable Growth

    Leverage is the X-Factor for Acceleration

    Using the KISA FrameworkTM

    (Keep It Simple & Actionable)



    Create space for ideas


    Go beyond Design Thinking


    Think ontological design


    Stay open for different perspectives


    Team idea sharing



    Put ideas to work for next innovation


    Use dynamic (not linear) models at the intersection of multiple disciplines


    Keep culture & leadership as part of the process


    Team collaboration



    Imagine forward


    Lean into the future with vision & planning


    Align actions in the direction of vision

    Leadership development



    Adapt change thinking


    Seek change with questions


    Help customers see and change (condition the market)


    Align company / product / category

    Align team grow with vision

  • Work With Me

    To 10X Your Vision & Sustain Your Growth

    How Does It Work?

    Fit Over Close

    To help you grow, I need to commit at the highest level possible. However, it is a commitment and investment for both you and I. Therefore, whether we are a good fit to work the magic matters more than closing you as a client. I currently work with a limited but robust numbers of private clients. That means, I'd like to help but I can't help everyone. I do want to learn more about your story if you are open to explore the possibility of working together using the KISA Framework.

    Who Am I?

    Mindset Over Tactics

    I started my entrepreneur journey as an art dealer after working in the corporate finance/tech space for over a decade, climbing up the corporate ladder and living the professional life with a seat at the table. Strange enough, my art business didn't flourish as I blindly followed the dogma of "following your passion". Lucky enough, that led me to starting this consulting & advisory services when people seeking change & asking for my help. I started with building financial models to help clients with their private placements and 2X their businesses. Now operating at the intersection of business + financial + mental models is what I do the best for helping my clients 10X their vision and achieving it. Oh, yes, tactics are part of it too but we can't lead with tactics. I tried and tested.


    To learn more, check out my impact business, Pull Vision with a Podcast Called 10X Vision and my business for cause: wifaglobal, a digital platform to empower and enrich women in finance & accounting through learning, collaboration and entrepreneurship.

    How much do I charge?

    Value Over Price

    How much would you pay when I help you negotiate a contract and create $700K to your wealth in less than 60 minutes? What does that mean? I don't charge by the hour.

    I got a 5-figure fee with my first client when I helped her doubling her businesses with more profit and less headaches. It's 3 to 6 months process, not an overnight success. Working together to co-create your 10X growth is an investment rather than a payment for a service. It's an investment. It's a process and it takes time. This is what you can expect.

  • Testimonials

    Eric Beckwitt, Founder & CEO

    As a tech startup with hyper revenue growth, Freighera has a complicated revenue system and cost structure. When I discussed my frustration with certain services providers with Mina, she was able to provide me insights about my pain points and gave me invaluable advice. I was impressed with her expertise and would recommend her services whether your business is simple or complicated. I highly recommend Mina for raw intelligence, insight and integrity

    Steven, President, 360 Bottling

    Mina provided invaluable advice on our private placement deal which included shareholder agreement and arrangements, and a business plan with complex financial models. Her insights and our discussion helped me come to clear strategies and options. We’d like to work with her again and would recommend her services.

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